The Anishinaabemowin Ando-Gikendamowin for Early Childhood Educators continued in an online format in 2022.

This virtual gathering focused on methods used with emerging Anishinaabemowin speakers at various ages. Participants spent the day attending four breakout sessions in which they learned a variety of methods for teaching Anishinaabemowin to small children and youth. They also had the opportunity to learn from our keynote speaker and a panel of language instructors and learners.

Click here to view the full schedule and biographies of our presenters from the day. Below you will find video recordings from the day.


As participants attended the virtual workshops and shared their resources, materials, and ideas, they contributed to this Padlet so that everyone could revisit and use the information into the future. 

Throughout the day we had a Graphic Recorder creating an image to encapsulate the main themes, topics, ideas, and dreams of the participants and presenters. The final image can be viewed below: